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Rhema Convention 2016
Rhema Convention 2016

#RhemaConvention: Rhema Chapel International International Present The Annually Convention

The Ever Increasing Word Ministries A.K.A Rhema Chapel International Churches presents her 29th Annual International Convention, tagged “Fresh oil, Fresh fire, Fresh life”.

In the words of the General Oversight, Rev. George Adegboye,

“The need for freshness in our lives cannot be overemphasized. For example, fresh ingredients are always better to prepare foods that are healthy for the body; fresh air is essential for the lungs and greater clarity of brain, and also to make the immune system strong.

In the same vein, fresh insights into the word of God are essential for the soul and spirit. God has earmarked Ministers of the word of God to bless you in this 29th convention; you would not regret coming. This experience would be better than any other you have ever had.”

The 2013 International Convention was preceded by a maiden edition of sports activities for five days where all the Rhema Chapel International Churches installations came together to participate in the events. The unity experienced by the members from our different churches was incomparable. It was a great concept by the Apostle of God’s Word to the Nations, the Reverend, George Adegboye.

As a result of this every year since then till this year 2016, no athlete in good form would want to miss out of these games, as even many and more events have been added to the games. As at today over 700 athletes and still counting have registered for this years edition of the games.

Also featuring in the 2016 convention is the session of early morning aerobics. Generally speaking, sports is a source of recreation, which becomes an imperative, in that it provides a sense of relaxation, and offers to us reliefs in our lives, which is characterized by ‘boredom’. Sports inject into us a spirit to take up burdens of life in a way that makes them lighter. As men and women, who exercise their body through aerobics, we would be able to maintain physical fitness in this way. Furthermore, the activities have encouraged team-spirit among the Rhema Chapel installations.

In the light of this, we would want you to use this piece as your personal invitation to the 2016 edition of our International Convention, which takes place at the International Convention Center for all nations, after tipper garage, Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria.

Date: 23rd Nov. – 4th of Dec., 2016

Feeding, Accommodation and Shuttle services are FREE!

Visit www.rhemachapelonline.com for full itinerary.

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